Celebrity Crushes

2 06 2009

You don’t have to tell me how absurd it is to have celebrity crushes as a twenty something male; I get it, I know.  But if we are honest, we all have them. The only difference is I am going to swallow my pride and share mine with you. Not only will I bare my soul by telling you who they are, but why. So with much fear and trepidation I present to you my TOP 5 celebrity crushes in no particular order…



Lisa LoebI still remember the first time I saw the music video for “Stay.” I don’t know if it was the glasses, the slightly disheveled hair,  that little black dress, or the fact that she writes her own songs and plays guitar (which is rare among pop stars).  Whatever the case I was/am madly in love with Mrs. Loeb (yeah she got married recently much to my dismay) and would probably squeal like a school girl if I were to ever be in the same place as her.  Or I might just go catatonic, either way I think I peed a little when I saw she was following me on twitter (after I followed her of course). Also I dated a girl in high school in large part because I thought she resembled Lisa (yikes).

My Girlfriend
My “Girlfriend”

Erin Andrews– This beautiful lady can be seen gracing the sidelines and dugouts of many pro and college sporting events as an ESPN/ABC reporter, or dancing through my mind as I try and focus on the game at hand.  I embarrassingly enough often refer to Ms. Andrews as “My Girlfriend,” so much so that many of my friends ask about “our relationship.”  (hiding my face in shame) But let’s be honest guys, a woman who can not only talk sports intelligibly, but also get you tickets to the most exclusive athletic events known to man…Wow

how YOU doin?

how YOU doin?

Brittany Daniel– More affectionately known to me as Brandy on Joe Dirt, I immediately fell in love with her as soon as she sauntered onto the screen and into my life.  Brittany has a unique quality of causing me to be so enraptured by her beauty that I catch myself attempting to flirt with her image on the screen.  Luckily I have never been caught, but if anyone suddenly wants to watch Joe Dirt with me after reading this, no deal.  I actually think I just want Brandy to be real so I can marry her, also I will punch that Kid Rock in the FACE!

computa lakilajai

computa lakilajai

Freida Pinto– How could anyone forget the actress who played grown-up Latika on Slumdog Millionaire?  This girl is ridiculously, insanely, exotically, attractive.  She also caused me to stop dead in my tracks to attempt flirting with the screen (so embarassing).  I will go on a thousand game shows if it means we can find each other and be together.



Jessica Alba– I haven’t watched too many shows or movies with her in them, but the ones I have caused me to wonder if anyone else felt this way about her.  She is what I would consider a bombshell.  She could get 2 hours of sleep and have not showered for 6 days and still roll out of bed looking ridiculously cute.  I feel like the others are so “out of the box” that I had to include at least one somewhat mainstream crush.


Childhood Crushes:

Kelly Kapowski/Tiffani Amber-Theissen (who didn’t have a crush on her, hot sundae?) 

Topanga (Boy Meets World)/Danielle Fishel

Carla Gugino (Girl from Son-in-Law)

Winnie Cooper (from Wonder Years)

Most Recent Crushes

Mila Kunis- See Forgetting Sarah Marshall and it’s all over…

Isla Fisher- See Hot Rod and it’s all over….

One last thing…These are merely my crushes, they are opinions, so please be kind in your responses, I am very fragile after exposing this to the world…..